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Auditing one of Carrefour’s exclusive brand to leverage its potential


Carrefour, as one of the world’s leading retailers, is shifting its strategy and increasingly developing exclusive brands to address new consumer needs to better face increasing competition originating mostly from online retailers.


We were mandated to audit Mandine, Carrefour’s exclusive brand for all kitchen equipment to reinforce its positioning, consistency, and identify paths for future growth.


We started with a macro analysis of the trends and challenges faced by major global retailers, as well as the fast expansion of the private labels they develop. The competitive analysis we performed, combined with a thorough understanding of Mandine and numerous field visits, led to a series of recommendations with a detailed action plan to turn Mandine into a global brand and business.


Our recommendations will help Mandine becoming a strong and consistent brand, when the action plan and strategy we’ve defined will allow Mandine to become a reference in the domain of the Kitchen equipment, with a very distinctive approach and value proposition.


Market dynamics
Customer understanding
Competitive analysis
Brand audit
Best practices


Brand fundamentals
Positioning options
Leading concept
Implications & gaps


Brand book & guidelines
Marketing strategies
Activation platforms
Communication strategies>
Client journey & touchpoints


KPIs definition
Client experience measurement
Learnings & insights



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