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Repositioning Corneliani, turning it into an experiential brand


Corneliani is an historical Italian menswear brand born in Mantova in 1958. Known for its made to measure tailoring expertise and refined suits, it has evolved and now also has a strong casual offering.
As an uncompromised high-end brand with a strong heritage, Corneliani has always been focused on the quality and sophistication of its garments – making it one of the most respected brand of its kind. Now backed up by investors, Corneliani has the potential to leverage its strengths, reach new heights, and achieve remarkable long-term success.


Our mission was to leverage this history and expertise to turn the brand into an experiential brand, reinforcing its concept, story and services.


We started by thoroughly assessing what makes Corneliani unique in its competitive environment, to then define a new creative concept and vision anchoring Corneliani into today’s and tomorrow’s world; allowing the brand to sell much more than products, but a lifestyle. Beyond tailor-made, we’ve created tailor-lived.
We then helped Corneliani bring this new concept to life on multiple touch points thanks to a strong storytelling, a consistent activation platform, and the reinvention of their client experience around the world.


Corneliani went from being a product centric company to an aspirational and experiential brand with strong differentiators reaching its 100% potential. This shift has driven change throughout the entire organisation, from design to HR and communication, leading to stronger client focus and engagement.


Market dynamics
Customer understanding
Competitive analysis
Brand audit
Best practices


Brand fundamentals
Positioning options
Leading concept
Implications & gaps


Brand book & guidelines
Marketing strategies
Activation platforms
Communication strategies
Client journey & touchpoints


KPIs definition
Client experience measurement
Learnings & insights



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