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Improving the 1st timers experience to increase satisfaction and loyalty


MIPIM is the leading real estate fair in the world, gathering every year in Cannes over now 23,000 decision makers of this industry for soon 30 years. Despite managing to attract an impressive number of new visitors every year, MIPIM had opportunities to retain a larger share of those first-timers.


Our main task was to understand why a portion of these first-timers weren't returning, with long term ROI at stake. Key challenges included increasing 1st timers’ return rate and improving satisfaction regarding services and experience.


We started decomposing the client experience journey and identified pain points along the way - via surveys, interviews and our own field experience. This, combined with a deep dive analysis of client data, led us to understand different unmet needs. After having defined programs of indicated actions for each of these unmet needs, we implemented actions of a first-timer program: a targeted communication towards first-timers, as well as a dedicated space for them to gather, connect, learn and relax.


The first timers’ HQ has been reinstalled in March 2018 and is now a hot spot at MIPIM. This project led the entire organisation to become more client centric, improving its overall performance. As a result, the 1st timers’ retention rate grew by close to 10% in a year.


Market dynamics
Customer understanding
Competitive analysis
Brand audit
Best practices


Brand fundamentals
Positioning options
Leading concept
Implications & gaps


Brand book & guidelines<
Marketing strategies
Activation platforms
Communication strategies
Client journey & touchpoints


KPIs definition
Client experience measurement
Learnings & insights



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