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Defining a global brand activation platform to boost Lalique jewellery


Lalique is a French glassware design house founded in 1885 by artist René Lalique. Lalique established itself as an icon in glassware, art, and jewellery over the course of the 20th century.
Jewellery production stopped in the early 19th century, but in late 2011, Lalique re-launched a luxury jewellery line in the same spirit and style as the original collection by Lalique himself.


Despite the brand’s international recognition, the re-launched jewellery line had been slow to gain exposure amongst key distributors and consumers. To help generate awareness and boost the product line’s image, Lalique sought the development of a platform to bring the brand to life via new levers and touch points.


We developed a brand activation platform focusing on five development axes including product placement & publicity and targeted sponsorship in selected categories such as fashion, arts & cinema. This began with inventorying recent and best practice jewellery brands’ initiatives with an emphasis on sponsorship and presence at key events and festivals.


The brand activation platform allowed Lalique to focus its brand building initiatives on a set of well-defined events, touchpoints, and actions that were aligned with Lalique’s brand image and positioning. These included major art events, key international film festivals, strategic partnerships with renowned designers, and pop-up shops at events frequented by HNWIs. Lalique jewellery is now back as a core division of Lalique, and its products sold to prestigious clients around the world.


Market dynamics
Customer understanding
Competitive analysis
Brand audit
Best practices


Brand fundamentals
Positioning options
Leading concept
Implications & gaps


Brand book & guidelines
Marketing strategies
Activation platforms
Communication strategies
Client journey & touchpoints


KPIs definition
Client experience measurement
Learnings & insights



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