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Lighthouse is a Strategy & Branding Consultancy born to reveal and leverage the potential of daring companies for long-term growth.



Today, we live in a world full of opportunities.
Maybe too many, but it’s better than too little.
Never has it been as exciting as it is now.
Never has it been as ever-changing as it is now.
More accessible, more connected, more to do.
The world is a trampoline for those who dare.

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A word from Yves

“ Once you know where and how to play, the world becomes an ocean of opportunities.”

Lighthouse Founder

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Our values



We have a love for life and have a relentless thirst to embrace the world.
We live in and empower it with beautiful energy.
No is not an option.
We are 100% go.


We are passionate about life and creation.
We transform vision into story with our guts and sensitivity.
We perceive what is special in everyone and the related opportunities.


Quick to move.
Sharp and to the point.
We say what we think and do what we say.
There’s no time to waste.
Let’s get going.


We are thorough.
We like beauty and quality.
We are perfectionists.


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