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The future of luxury

«The future of luxury will be multidimensional»
Yves Hanania

Le Luxe Demain


A generation of Millennials on the rise, a digital revolution, professional influencers, the distribution revolution, new brand ecosystems, an ultra luxury sector that’s exploding, celebrities launching their own brands… Luxury is faced with numerous simultaneous challenges and is transforming right before us. At a time when consumers seek meaning behind what they consume, without getting too hung up on contradictions, the sector is experiencing a number of paradoxes that it must take into consideration if it wishes to last in time and not get caught out by the future.

This book is filled with examples, from the big brands as much as from the young creative start-ups, that illustrate, outline and anticipate the luxury of tomorrow. A work that is essential to understanding the full implications and the strategies of this sector that weighs as much as either the automotive or the aeronautical sector.

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The authors

Yves Hanania

Founder of Lighthouse consultancy, specialized in branding consultancy & growth strategy, he works with a number of fashion and luxury brands. Holder of an MBA from Kellogg Business School (Northwestern University in Chicago), he is also a columnist at the Harvard Business Review and regularly contributes to INfluencia.

Isabelle Musnik

Founder and content director at the INfluencia magazine, she was chief editor at Guide de Luxe and editor for the magasine CB News, for which she created the "Spécial Luxe" issues.

Philippe Gaillochet

Co-founder of the Ipesup group, co-founder and director of the MBA Institute, and later scientific advisor and IT director at the French National Assembly. Today Philippe Gaillochet acts as an independent management consultant.


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